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Friendly Interface for Your Website. Part 4.

Friendly interface for your website. Part 4.

We continue a series of publications on creation of the user-friendly website interface. Today we will stop on two obvious, but not always clear how functionally organized things:

The website has to be attractive.

Functionality and convenience — it is good, but also there is simply "beautifully / not beautifully". It is more pleasant to any user to deal with the interface which, on top of other characteristic, also is pleasant to see.

However don't forget that beautiful design is a subjective thing. You can not make it equally beautiful for everyone, no matter how hard you try. It’s obvious that when you develop a resource for teenagers and a resource for accountants, it is necessary to implement different design solutions. Therefore, first of all, be guided by your target audience and its requirements.

Use beautiful templates which are provided by WIX platform for creation of the adapted elements of design and change them "under yourself" easily and quickly!

Give the chance of personalization.

Personalization is an opportunity to adjust something "under yourself". Most frequently this function can be met in programs, services and applications. The user can change, for example, color of a font, style of icons, the background image, the size of text blocks as it is pleasant to him or her (choosing from the available options).


We will continue a cycle of the training articles how to create the users’ friendly interface. Monitor updates and develop the websites together with WIX and Light-Tech!

Free trial period for premium version of the Apps for your Wix Websites.

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