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How to Create the Best Registration Form for Your Website. Part 2.

Registration Form

What should be the ideal website interface for the user? We speak about it in our training articles and we give you the opportunity to create it on the platform with Light-Tech applications.

For creation of the intuitive interface of the website it is relevant:

To have the simple principles of filling the fields.

Almost every website offers users something on it to fill it. Besides registration on the website it can be a form of the order of goods, the request to leave the contact information or to pass any interrogation. If you make a form of filling too difficult or straining, nobody will fill it. From here several important councils follow:

We recommend to follow the next pieces of advice:

1. When filling different fields (e.g. "city", "street", "date of birth") it is good to give hints to the user by means of a drop-down menu, so that he or she will not need to enter all this manually, and just to choose the necessary option from the list.

2. If however, the user needs to enter after all manually some data, then use line-by-line checking by the system the correctness of filling of a form. It will be pleasant to nobody if the system after each error of filling revokes all lines filled earlier.

3. It is better to place names of fields over the input fields. It is connected with human visual perception. It is easier for a person to perceive information from top to down or from below to above, than from left to right or on the contrary.

4. As much as possible reduce the probability of the wrong filling of a form.

Imagine a situation. You begin to enter the phone number into the field. After the first filling, the system says you: "The phone number has to be entered in a 10-unit format". You enter once again, and the system gives out to you: "The phone number shouldn't contain hyphens". After this, you will naturally begin to be nervous and to damn mentally (or perhaps even not mentally) this website. The ideal form of input allows the user to write everything, and the system won't tell him or her "incorrectly". Of course, data processing will be a bit difficult as you should process a part of requests manually, but your main goal is to take the order, but not to eliminate impatient clients.


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