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we re-build our

Impressive Welcome Bar

An application for communicating with your visitors
as soon as they open your site. Collect emails, get more likes or create messages that visitors will see on each page.
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Stylization options for bar have been expanded
Collect and analyze the statistics
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"Quick Start" allows you to configure the bar in three clicks
You can choose from a new collection of skins or ready-made styles
Wellcome bar has become faster

Make your welcome bar even more impressive than before

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Stylize your bar the way you like

A large variety of skis that will help you to make you bar unique. Adjust the bar the way you like until you get a perfect one for you.

Or you can choose one of the ready-made bars we have created to save your time and launch your campaign in a few clicks.

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Type of bars

Welcome people to your site with a message of your choice. Whether you’re promoting a new sale, introducing your blog or just want to say hi, Impressive Welcome Bar is a great way to communicate with your site visitors.

Collect your visitors’ emails to keep them updated

Drive traffic to a specific page

Let visitors share your site on social media in just one click

Choose when and how often visitors see your message

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Quick Start

Use a quick start to adjust the bar the way you like

and save your time. Launch your campaign

in a few clicks

Choose a bar type

Customize your text. You can use font tips to make your bar look more impressive

Create a button, name it, and adjust its shape.

Great job! Your bar is ready to use.

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Learn more about Impressive Welcome Bar brand new features on our YouTube channel

Collect and analyze the statistics

The statistics became simpler and clearer for everyone! Use the new Dashboard to analyze statistics to increase your sales.


Clear statistics is intuitive to everyone. You can easily access survey data, download emails and create newsletters, monitor all rederections on your site to increase your sales!

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Easy way to try out our Welcome Bar

You are getting 1 type of Welcome Bar for free when you first install it on your website.

How to use our Welcome Bar


Impressive Welcome Bar for your site on Wix

Promote your site with likes and shares in a wide range of social networks, collect your visitors’ emails to keep them updated or lead your visitors to specific pages. Add a stunning bar and text animations to draw your visitors’ attention.

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Learn how to customize our Welcome Bar

In our knowledge base you can find the complete Welcome Bar guide. Editorial instructions, slideshow tutorials, etc.

can be found on our YouTube channel.

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