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Impressive Slideshow

Impress your potential clients with an animated slideshow gallery. Impressive Slideshow Gallery lets you add your images to create a stunning slideshow. Select from over 40 exceptional animations and add captions to let visitors know more about your photos.
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Stylization options for slides have been expanded
New “Redo” and “Undo” functions
Adapting slideshows to mobile devices
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Now you can duplicate your slides
Expanded grid functionality. Added alignment

Make your slides even more impressive than before

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Stylize your slide the way you like

Now you can improve the quality of your photos and give them extra charm with the built-in filters that can be applied for both photo captures and background.

You do not need to prepare an image in advance and use special programs. Just select an image, go to the settings and choose the filter you like.

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Slider looks good on any device