Privacy Policy


When you add one of our applications to your site,

we only save your settings.

All your personal information stored by Wix

(email, credentials, payment details).


How do we identify you?

When you install one of our applications to your site or load your site with one of our applications on it, Wix sends us an encrypted request with your user ID and your premium plan.


We can not identify you by this ID without you send us an email and name us your user ID.


If you want to remove your settings from our storage, simply delete our applications from your site.

We are storing your data for a month only in case you would like to return to our applications.


After one month your data will be deleted permanently. 


When you ask your users to subscribe to your newsletter via Impressive Welcome Bar app your users' emails are stored directly inside Wix contacts system.

We can not see or get any access to them.

When we ask you to subscribe to our newsletter, your email is saved in Wix contacts system.


We use this information only to update you about our applications news.

You can always unsubscribe from our newsletter.