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Excellent usability for your website. Part 5.

Excellent Usability for Your Website

6. Take care of practicality of content.

Content is exactly what users come to the site for. For information websites content is articles, and for online stores – descriptions of sections and cards of goods. Irrespective of for what purpose the web resource promoting by you is intended, the usability of its content has to be on the high.

Following the simple recommendations given below will help you in the achievement of good results on a part of the content:

Do not use the difficult terms and phrases which are seriously complicating material perception by people.

Write the headings drawing attention, completely reflecting the content of material or goods.

Information and advertising texts have to discover as much as possible a subject but have a small volume.

Before the publication check content on grammatical, spelling and other errors.

Make texts on the principle of the turned pyramid – the most important information is in the introduction.

Illustrate the published material appropriate graphics information in reasonable quantities.

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Excellent way to focus attention of the reader on important information is to highlight it in the text in bold type or italics. However, it is necessary to use this way very accurately and in moderate quantities as permanent highlighting in bold of sentences and even paragraphs will make the text hard to read and repellent. Ideally, it is necessary to highlight one most important thought and in some cases it is possible to avoid it at all.

Take care of readability of the text content on the website. Each text has to have title and sub-titles, paragraphs. It is recommended to use the numbered and marked lists where it is appropriate. Each paragraph has to describe one finished thought so that when reading the text on diagonal the user would not have any problems with perception of information. Certainly, content has to be unique.


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