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5 challenges of CRO

CRO — (conversion rate optimization) is a system for increasing the percentage of visitors to a website that convert into customers or leads. CRO is a continuous and a constantly changing process, which makes it a hard work to control it.

There are 5 main challenges for CRO specialists that they face every day:

The need to be an expert in several areas. CRO is a complex and a cross-functional process, which requires special knowledge in many different areas, such as design, IT, marketing, copywriting, photography, analytics etc. So a CRO specialist has to be well acquainted with all these competences to achieve any kind of success.

The industry changes constantly. Technology is developing very fast and online experience changes rapidly along with it. A good CRO specialist must stay in tune with all newest trends of the internet environment and adjust one`s work for new conditions. For instance, let's remember how mobile phones changed all industry of web design and web development!

You must be ready to challenge your own experience. Sometimes even well-experiences specialists can make mistakes. Within a continuously changing environment, old strategies that were effective some time ago may no longer work. You have to learn to give up the tactics that do not show effectiveness even is you think they are good and useful.

The need of organizational thinking. To achieve great results, both you and your company must be oriented to a long-run goals. Many businesses chase the profit here and now forgetting that a good strategy can increase their actives many times in the future. Also make sure that the final decision about the action course makes the most experiences in CRO person, not your favorite employee or yourself (unless you are that most experienced person). Otherwise you can come across many obstacles which you could avoid using the experience of the professional.

No experienced CRO specialists in a company. In most companies there is just one person responsible for CRO. And sometimes this person doesn't really know a lot about it. The problem is that many managers consider CRO to be something optional and do not pay enough attention to it, as a result – lost profit and dissatisfaction with results. Teach your employees CRO, provide them with budgets and the material for analysis.


Hope now you know how to avoid some mistakes in CRO area! Subscribe to our page and read more useful info every day!

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