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Excellent usability for your website. Part 6.

Excellent Usability for Your Website

Today, when on the Internet there are millions of the websites on any subjects, it is important to detain the client on a web resource as long as possible, having naturally accompanied it to commission of target action. For achievement of this purpose golden rules of a usability were output. Implicit following to these seven rules will allow you to bring convenience and efficiency of the advanced web resource to the best value.

7. Correct technical errors of the website.

Mandatorily look how the final version of a web resource is displayed in various browsers and on various devices. For this purpose install several popular browsers, use the computer, the smartphone, the tablet for testing of display of the website on different platforms. Publish the final version of the website only after be finally convinced that at all users it will be displayed equally correctly.

Check all the links on the site and delete the "damaged". Such links refer to nonexistent pages that causes in users only negative emotions and a bad feeling about the website. Moreover, damaged links affect search optimization of a web resource not in the best way so they certainly should be removed. If there are a lot of links on the website, use special plug-ins for their check to save time and forces.


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