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Friendly Interface for Your Website. Part 5.

What should be the ideal website interface for the user? We speak about it in our training articles and we give you the opportunity to create it on the Wix platform with Light-Tech applications.

The good interface should be loyal to the user mistakes.

What does it mean?

Always there will be users who won't be able to understand this or that moment during the work with the interface at once. They will make wrong actions, and here in front of the interface there is a task to make so that these errors could be quickly corrected. If the user has accidentally removed information necessary to him, the opportunity of it restoration has to be given to that user.

The user who has visited the wrong page has to be able to return quickly to the previous page or the section, by clicking the "back" button. To prevent the commission of wrong actions, the interface should ask the user again about whether really he wants to do it. For example, "When closing the current page loading of the file will be interrupted. Do you really want to do it?". However, do not overdo it with such questions, otherwise it will begin to irritate.

Speak the user's language.

All text of the interface and any designations have to be created under target audience of your resource. Here everything is obvious: if you do the training website for preschool children, then the text of the interface has to be written on their "children's" language. If your program for advanced webmasters, then you can safely use specific terms without an explanation — the target audience and so will understand it. And if it is service for beginners, then language has to be simple as possible.

The same principle belongs also to the target audience from the different countries. Therefore for your convenience the Impressive Site Menu application is capable to show different options of languages which the users of your website can choose in the menu. Watch the video how to make it.


Free trial period for premium version of the Apps for your Wix Websites.

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