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Excellent usability for your website. Part 1.

Excellent Usability for Your Website

Today, when on the Internet there are millions of the websites on any subjects, it is important to hold the client on a web resource as long as possible, having naturally accompanied him or her to perform of target action. For achievement of this purpose, golden rules of a usability were output. Following these seven rules will allow you to bring convenience and efficiency of the promoted web resource to the best value.

1. The website has to have an accurate structure.

The most important thing is that information on the website surely has to have accurate structure. The user comes to the page not occasionally, but with a specific goal – to find information or to make the order of goods/service. Your task is to make so that the visitor achieved the objectives by the minimum time and without any difficulties. Even before filling of the website, it is necessary to create its structure where all parts of content will be on the places.

Today hierarchical division of structure of the website which includes the following elements is standard:

• Section

The largest element as a part of which there are materials on concrete subject.

• Category

As the section is very large element of structure, it is divided into small categories.

• Subcategory

Subcategories are not always needed – usually for very large websites.

• Material

It is a final element of structure of the website. In online store material is a card of goods.

Website structure

As the section is very large element of structure, it is divided into small categories.

In this rule there is one more important recommendation – you should not load pages of a resource with that information which does not correspond to the main subjects of the website. It will only confuse users and will force them to quit.


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