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Excellent usability for your website. Part 2. Navigation has to help the client.

Excellent Usability for Your Website

2. Navigation has to help the client.

The main task of navigation of the website with which it has to cope faultlessly consists in simple convenient reflection of information structure of a web resource. The navigation panel has to be placed in a visible position on a web page so that the user don’t have to spend time for its search. Each menu item has to have the unique name fully reflecting contents of that section to which this point refers.

Navigation has to be simple and clear, but not only – there are three more recommendations from the same category:

On each page of the promoted website there should be a noticeable reference to the homepage of a resource.

Use "breadcrumb" – it is the navigation elements leading from the current page to the main one.

On all pages of the promoted website the unified system of navigation has to be used.

Website structure

It is common practice to place a sitemap into the footer.

Do not forget to make a convenient site map. It is the separate web page comprising hierarchical model of structure of a resource. Visually the site map is similar to the table of contents of the reference book. References from all pages of the site, including the main one, should leading to a site map. It is common practice to place a sitemap into the footer. This tool helps visitors to find quickly that information for which they came. Therefore, the map increases conversion level.


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