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Impressive Site Menu: Creating a Multilingual Sidebar Menu

We finished big update work and pleased to present the new version of Impressive Site Menu!

1. We added comfort education system, that we'll be best for your creative work of beautiful and unique website buildings faster. Now you can learn more about Impressive Site Menu by simply pushing button in App, that will help you to construct creative beautiful website faster and easier.

Impressive Site Menu

2. Nowadays you have the possibility to create multi-language versions of your website with Impressive Site Menu!!!

3. The new version of App is coming soon where multi-language interface will be released.

4. Fresh design and features:

  • Choose from 11 Animated Layouts

  • Add up to 3 Languages

  • Create 3-level Drop-down Menu

  • Add Icons to Menu Items

  • Add Social Media Buttons

Impressive Site Menu

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