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Excellent usability for your website. Part 3.

Excellent Usability for Your Website

Today, when on the Internet there are millions of the websites on any subjects, it is important to hold the client on a web resource as long as possible, having naturally accompanied him or her to perform of target action. For achievement of this purpose, golden rules of a usability were output. Following these seven rules will allow you to bring convenience and efficiency of the promoted web resource to the best value.

3. Organize convenient search in the website.

On any multipage website, and especially in online store, there have to be means of search of the necessary information or goods. If search means are absent, the user will be forced to spend the forces and time for scrolling all pages in search of the information for which he or she came. But practice shows that the vast majority of visitors does not spend time and just leaves the website.

Optimum location for placement of a search window is the top part of the web page. It is enough to place one search line with the noticeable button "Search" or "Look for" considerably facilitate life of visitors of your resource. Take care of that search means cover all materials and goods on the promoted website. Otherwise, there is a probability that the user will not find necessary information and will leave.

4. Reduce the time of pages loading.

The first place among the most irritating factors belongs to long loading of pages. Nobody likes to wait a long, especially on the Internet. The more time needs for loading of pages of the website, the higher risk that the user will not wait, and will simply leave to your closest competitors. For this reason, the good webmaster is simply obliged to accelerate loading of pages.

Easy ways to make it:

Refuse a large number of graphic elements on the website. It concerns images, GIF animations, automatically started audio recordings and videos. If it is impossible to do without images, it is necessary to reduce their "weight" by converting in PNG and JPEG. Videos are converted into GIF.

Remove the animated miniatures executed on Flash technology. Not only that the abundance of miniatures distracts attention of the user and causes the irritating effect, so also Flash works not at all users. When calling on the website they will have additional notices in the browser.

Reduce quantity of advertising banners on the page. It is not necessary to say as far as Internet users are irritated by advertising. In addition, it also increases time of loading of the page. Remove it if the reputation and conversion of the website are more important for you, then the cheap earnings from banner advertising.


Do not forget that everything is good in moderation. You should not reduce time of loading of web pages, causing at the same time serious damage them to contents and quality. Find golden mean and apply it to each page.


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