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Friendly Interface for Your Website. Part 6.

Today we continue to study the principles by means of which you can make the interface of your website more convenient for customers.

If you are an owner of an online store or on your website, there are options for selling goods or services, for you will be relevant:

To provide optimum quantity of options of the choice.

The more options you offer to the user, the less is probability that he or she will choose any of them. If there is actually a lot of options, and it is impossible to reduce them (for example, the catalog of goods), then use a function of recommendations. For example, you offer on one page 7 options of goods, but 1 or 3 of them allocate in category "We Recommend". The client will pay attention to these goods that, perhaps, will facilitate the process of choosing.

The same result can be realized by means of the block "Bestsellers", as shown in an example.

To provide optimum quantity of options of the choice

To give soft hints.

The emerging hints are very good. They help the user to clarify what he could not understand. The main issue remains in how to make such hints effective and not straining. Do you remember a paper clip assistant from early Microsoft Word versions? The company turned off this function because it caused many negative emotions and was exposed to criticism.

Follow next principles to make users loyal to hints:

don't write too much text in hints;

don't connect the hint to each button, and be limited only to where the user can really have difficulties;

give the chance to the user to close the hint or to completely turn off function of hints.

To give soft hints


We will continue a cycle of the training articles how to create the users’ friendly interface. Monitor updates and develop the websites together with WIX and Light-Tech!

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