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6 motivators of growth

What is the difference between a successful fast-growing company and the one at the bottom of all tops and charts? Is there some secret behind the growth and financial profit? We've selected 6 main attributes most successful companies and projects have. You can use them as a check-list for your own business.

1. A really unique selling proposition. You must have heard a lot of USP (Unique Selling Proposition) – something that differentiates your product from competitors and makes it special. If you hope to make your company grow fast, your USP must be something extraordinary and extremely valuable for your target audience. Think of the strengths of your product and develop your marketing strategy basing on them.

2. Talented specialists. A good team is a basis for all successful projects. Try to avoid bureaucracy and encouraging ego. Motivate your people to work together effectively for a greater purpose.

3. Clients – fans. Would you like your clients selling your product for you instead of your marketers buying ads? Good news – you can do that! All you need to do is to inspire customers with your values. Don't sell your product – sell your philosophy and turn your audience into loyal fans.

A good team is a basis for all successful projects.

4. Wise monetization. Customer Acquisition is not the most effective way of growth. Monetization of the clients you already have is the real key to financial success. Being able to monitor your price level, compare it to the market and adjust when needed can bring profit for both you and your clients in the long run (even though sometimes it's hard for the old clients to accept the rise).

5. Doing instead of saying. You need to constantly interact with the community you've created. Spread your values! Organize some social event to prove your attitude, or take part in a thematic conference. Don't speak too much, do something!

6. Emotions Get closer to your customers – try to create an emotional link with every each of them. Think of personalization in your dispatch, create nice souvenirs and send them by regular mail, congratulate people with their birthdays and other celebrations. Become a part of their lives!

These are 6 main qualities you can find in many successful companies and projects. Try to implement some of them in your own business!


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