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5 rules of an effective online shop

Today we are going to talk about making a really effective online shop. What sections and elements should it have? And which ones shouldn't? Let's find out!

Rule #1. Your shop must have a good structure.

It must be easy to navigate in your online shop. Create a menu with links to the most important pages like Main page, Contacts, Catalog of goods, Shopping Cart, Payment and Delivery, News and so on.

Rule #2. There must be Click-to call / 1-Click Order button.

Some people are ready to buy your products here and now and there is even no need for them to go to the shopping cart. For them it's perfect if your site has 1-Click Order function. Let a person leave an email or phone number and call back as soon as possible to finish the order. This also works for the others who need to find out more about your products or ask you some questions. Click-to-call is exactly what these people need. These small buttons will ease a life of your customers and bring you more sales!

Rule #3. Every product must have a "product info" section.

That's what every page of a product on your site should have: - A name of the item; - Its photo (in a high resolution!); - Its price (visible to everyone, not only for registered users for example); - Description of the product (What it is and why it's good); - Availability; - Supplement goods; - Payment and Delivery conditions.

It must be easy to navigate in your online shop.

Rule #4. Your shop must have filters!

When a person first comes to your site, you must make it easy for him to find what he is looking for. Even is you have a good menu, your catalog may be too long to easily find a specific item. Here is when filters come to play. Make it possible to search your goods by brand, price, size or its popularity among other buyers. You can think up other parameters suiting your business specifically. Just think like your customers - what filters would YOU want if you were them?

Rule #5. Add social proof.

We have already written an article about it (see our wall) and it is really good for any online shop to have a social proof section with clients` testimonials and photos (if possible). The thing is that one of the biggest fears of people who buy through the internet is to be deceived: they are afraid to get a bad product or not to get it at all. If you show your visitors that you already have happy clients they will much more likely buy from you as they will trust you and your brand more.

Check your online shop – do you have all of these elements? If no – add it right now and enjoy your high conversion.

And see for improving your design – it is as much important as everything listed above!


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