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SEO doctor – let's fix your mistakes!

You must have learned by now that SEO is a great instrument for site promotion. But sometimes it doesn't work well because of several mistakes site-builders make.

So if you think that your SEO could work better, it's time to check these points right now:

1. Ignoring meta-tags.

Meta-tags are text descriptions which help search engines to determine your site's specification. You must write Headers, Descriptions and Keywords same for the whole site and every single page. Use Google trends to find Keywords in your area, try using rare ones instead of the most frequently searched to get more traffic.

2. Too many Keywords.

To be on top in the search results you need to have a lot of keywords on your page. But still they must fit your content well otherwise search engines can block your site for what is called "stuffing" (overfilling with keywords). Try to find a good context for every word!

3. Wrong use of links.

There are 3 types of links that help to index your site: links from other resources to your site, links from your site to other resources and links from one page of your site to another. You must use all of them very carefully: if some time ago you could pay some other sites to place your links and go up in the search, nowadays search engines are much more suspicious about it so you should be very careful about resources that refer to you.

4. No updates on the site.

Search engines like active sites with constantly updating content, so you have to refill you rite as often as possible. You can do it by creating a blog, integrating with your Social Media or just refreshing the main page.

Your social activity can also have a good effect to your site`s reputation.

5. Ignoring Social media.

Tell everyone about your site through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other Social media networks. Your social activity can also have a good effect to your site`s reputation. And besides, your social media pages are also in the search so there are even more opportunities for your target audience to find you!

Stay on top with!


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