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Lead form. Tips for improvement

Lead form. Tips for improvement

Almost every site has a lead form. This is the best way to collect information about your clients. But a lot of people do not finish filling them in – some consider it too long, the others make mistakes writing emails etc.

So now we will tell you about two easy ways to deal with these problems and raise your conversion!

1. Fields autofill. When a user constantly uses the same browser and fills in the same information, the browser remembers it (if only the user didn't turn this function off). And you can also use this in your registration forms if you switch on the autofill function. It works in any browser and with any info: name, phone, email etc. Autofilling makes user`s life much easier and affects your conversion very well.

2. Using Mailcheck to be sure that the email is correct. Mailcheck helps to see if user`s email address was typed in correctly. It inspects everything after "@", for example, if a user types gnail instead of gmail, there will be a superscription like «Did you mean»

This feature is created to avoid loosing clients because of wrong email typing. If you use our first advice you may not need this function, but if your visitor`s computer doesn't support autofill of a user turned it off, Mailcheck would suit you well.

Improve your site and raise your conversion! Plugins by are always there to make a masterpiece of your site.


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