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6 questions for analyzing problems

6 questions for analyzing problems

When building a business or designing a website, we often face a lot of problems or difficult situations. For example, people add goods to the cart on a website, but don't buy them after that. Or sometimes we just need to collect more information, for example, for developing a structure of a future landing page.

How to analyze problematic situations correctly and always have enough information to solve any problem?

There is a set of 6 questions that can help you with that.

Question 1: WHO Who is involved in this situation? Users? Providers? Your team? 3rd parties?

Question 2: WHAT What elements constitute this problem? Are these actions, or instruments, or behavior? Or maybe something else?

Question 3: WHERE Where does it happen? Geographically, culturally, socially, economically etc.

Question 4: WHEN When does it happen? In the past, in the present or in the future? In what context? (i.e. when a user is in a hurry) How often does it happen?

Question 5: WHY Why does it happen? What are the reasons, limits, motivation, needs?

Question 6: HOW How is this situation created? What processes and results lead to it?

Ask yourself these questions every time you feel stalled. Hopefully, they will help you to find a solution!


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