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5 ways to write a good introduction

We all use a lot of texts in site creation and marketing. Social media posts, website content, advertising... But a text can only be effective if it was read. How to make your texts attractive for readers? Interest them with an introduction.

Here are 5 ways to make it really catchy:

1. Use a quote A quote of a famous person is a good ay to attract attention to your text. Though, there are a few rules. At first, a quote must be relevant to your text. Secondly, it must be strong and interesting by itself. Thirdly, the author of a quote must be an authority for your target audience. Otherwise no-one will pay attention to it.

2. Statistics or a funny fact Did you know that 90% of people who read headers also read a text on a CTA button? Everybody loves to learn something new about things one is interested in. Such facts entertain readers and motivate them to continue reading.

3. A story If you tell a short interesting story in the beginning of your text, it can help you to grab attention of the readers. It's all because a story affects emotions. When a person has emotional bounds to your text, one will read it till the end.

4. A question A question is one of the most effective ways to draw readers into interaction. They make readers turn on their imagination and implement their life experience to your article. Besides, people like it when someone asks their opinion on some matter.

5. Creating an atmosphere In your introduction you can create a special atmosphere for your future narration. For example: "2008. Economical crisis. The biggest companies are closing, people suffer from unemployment and poverty..." This will set your readers to the needed condition and appeal to their emotions.


Now you know how to begin your article the way people will definitely read it. Subscribe to our page to read more useful information every day!

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