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If your landing is longer than 3-4 screens, you might want to add a back-to top button to your site to help users navigate more comfortably.

This tips will help you to do it correctly:

1. Do not use back-to top button on landings with less than 3 screens.

On shorter landings it's easier for people to scroll to the beginning themselves.

2. Place the button in the right bottom corner. This is where people expect it to be.

3. Make the button always visible. It mustn't disappear when scrolling.

4. Add a title "Back to top" or "Up". Otherwise the button`s meaning may be unclear.

5. One button for the whole section. Do not place several buttons at one landing or section. It can confuse users.

6. The button mustn't cover main elements of a site. Don't make your button too big - it shouldn't distract users from the main content of a landing. But be careful with a mobile version – the button must be big enough to push easily.

7. The button must stand out. In other case no-one will notice it.

With these tips your back-to-top button will be visible and effective.


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