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From header to footer — how to make people scroll

The time when web designers tended to create 1-page landings with all key information above the fold is passing away. Now more and more specialists design longer landing pages with more detailed product description and better content. But unfortunately users don't always scroll a landing till its end and miss some useful info.

How to motivate them get town to the footer of your page? Here are 5 tricks:

1. Important content — at the beginning

First screen forms the first impression from your site and affects all following actions of the users. On it depends whether they will read it further, or not. Try to put there some interesting facts about your product and bright pictures.

2. Use visual elements

Like arrows, pointers, photos etc. — anything with what you can give users a cue where to move. Inscriptions like "More information below" or "Scroll the page" will also work.

Important content — at the beginning.

3. Make the navigation clear

There is nothing worse than a confusing navigation and a confused user. You must do everything you can to avoid it. The best option for landings is to use fixed menu, which is attached to the upper part of the screen and moves along with scrolling. This way a user will never loose the menu and will always know how to navigate.

4. Use animation

Scroll-animation or parallax can interest users and motivate them to scroll your landing till its end. You can also use other interactive elements — turn scrolling your site into a little game! Users will definitely love it.

Use visual elements.

5. Avoid uncontrolled scrolling

On some websites you can find "self-scrolling" — when a page scrolls down without any participation of a user. This is not a good thing: a person feels like one does not control the situation and gets negative user experience. Your people are smart enough to scroll the page themselves.


Good luck designing your perfect landings! Use Impressive plugins for the best design solutions.

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