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GIF or video? That's the question...

Gif or video?

You already know that websites with animated elements stimulate much more interactions with users, than the ones without them. But if you had a choice between GIF animation and a video, what would you use? To make a good choice, let's take a look at the features of these options.


Video is proved to positively affect conversion level of the landings. Besides, it increases the time people spend on a page. The main feature of the video is that it appeals to emotions, which is why it's more memorable than any other visual element. Video can also become viral, and it can attract a lot of potential clients to your brand. Very often videos also show a product in action or contain a brief user`s manual.

When putting a video on a site, be sure that:

  • A quality of the video is good

  • A video is not too long

  • There is a clear scenario

  • An offscreen voice addresses spectators along with promoting a product.

Gifs are perfect for demonstrating the functions of a product.

GIF GIF animations are much shorter, than videos (and cheaper!). They are also looped, so there are less opportunities for telling a full-size story. Instead of it, GIF animations are frequently used for instructions and step-by-step guidelines. They are perfect for demonstrating the functions of a product. Moreover, one of GIF`s benefits is that page loading doesn't slow down because of it.

So, how to choose? The most reliable way is to conduct a split-test. But you may try to decide yourself, considering the features of your business, your financial actives and a type of your product.


Remember — a good GIF is better than a bad video! Find more opportunities for the best site design here

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