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Forbes: 8 tips for marketers

Forbes is one of the most popular magazines on the planet. Its specialists prepared a list of tips for content marketers with really useful advice for creating effective content. You're welcome.

Tip #1. Write to your audience. The tone and style of the content should be directed towards your key demographics. For example, you’d adopt a very different approach marketing to teens as opposed to baby boomers. When your audience is diverse, it’s a good idea to lean towards the conservative side. Ideally, you have different platforms (such as LinkedIn +Tumblr) so that you can adapt your content.

Tip #2. There’s no such thing as too much proofreading. Get as many eyes on the content before it’s published as possible. In an ideal world, you’ll have a marketing editor on the team or secured as a contractor.

Tip #3. Cover topics that will perform. It takes a skilled content writer to make the most of your efforts, so don’t depend on the college intern who’s majoring in writing. Writing for businesses is a key area that gets overlooked or delegated because it seems easy. It’s anything but, and not just anyone (or any writer) has what it takes.

Tip #4. Embrace white space. People will be reading online content on a number of devices such as smartphones and tablets. They need white space to breathe, so don’t be afraid to put content in short, digestible chunks. Big blocks of text will turn readers off.

Tip #5. Season text with images. “Content marketing” often refers to text, but it can also be infographics, videos or images. A good mix of all these elements can engage readers and draw them in. More and more, marketers are leading towards images instead of text.

Tip #6. Build consistency. As a startup, you’re probably still figuring out your brand, message and style. As this develops, make sure your content aligns with it. It should look like it’s written from the same entity, your company, and should showcase consistency throughout.

Tip #7. Provide the right amount of content. Figuring out what the right amount is depends on your startup and the platform. Emailed newsletters should be sent once per month, but Facebook postings can happen about three times per week. Do your research.

Tip #8. Have something to say. Finally, content should be entertaining and/or informative. If you don’t have something to say, wait until you do. It’s clear when content is fluff and your startup deserves better.


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