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Interactive emails. Problems.

Now let's talk about problems that you can face when creating interactive emails and implementing them into your marketing strategy:

Problem 1:

Interactive emails are difficult to create. The code of interactive emails can be quite complicated, especially for such functions as adding goods to a cart. Besides, if any of the functions in an email doesn't work correctly, it can affect UX very badly.

Problem 2:

Not all email clients support interactive emails. Email applications by Apple are best in this, but more than a half of other mail clients won't be compatible with your interactive emails. So, before sending you need to find out what programs your subscribers use and if these programs are able to open your letters.

Problem 3:

It's hard to measure an effectiveness of interactive emails. In an interactive email a user has lots of ways to go: one can either add some goods to a cart and then purchase them right here and now, or one can only look now and then come back directly to your site some time later and buy something from there. So you'll never know was it your email that provoked a purchase, or it was just a good luck.

Problem 4:

Interactive emails turn users away from a website or an app. With interactive emails there is no more need for users to visit a website or an app - everything they want is right in their mailbox. This problem is the most significant, as it turns out that you kind of still your own clients.

As you can see, it's not all so bright with interactive emails, so think twice before trying to use them to sell your product. Although if you do it right, this way of engaging your potential customers can bring you a good additional profit.


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