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How to attract new clients.

How to attract new clients

Attracting clients effectively is a key to a successful business. How to find cheap and easy ways of engaging new customers? We'll give you a few tips right now.

Attracting new clients can be:

a) For free

  • Recommendations;

  • Testimonials;

  • Expert content;

  • Partnership;

  • Partisan marketing;

  • Participating in conferences and exhibitions.

b) Paid

  • Context ads;

  • Targeting;

  • Billboards and other offline advertisement.

You can also divide these ways to

a) Online

  • Advertising in the internet;

  • Bots in messengers;

  • Blog posts.

b) Offline

  • Radio;

  • Outdoor advertising;

  • TV;

  • Conferences;

  • Sponsorship.

How to choose the best way that fits your business between them? Read in the next articles.


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