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Boost your onboarding-process

Onboarding is an activation of the new users, either on a website or in an app. To interact with people successfully, you need to know a few secrets.

Here they are:

1. Always begin with a value proposition To convince a person to start using your service, you need to make one believe that this service is valuable and needed. State your main advantage in the very beginning of the communication.

2. Use video to show the profits People need to know why exactly your service or product is valuable. Video is one of the best ways to demonstrate it.

Use video to show the profits.

3. Use branching logic This means that you need to correlate the content of your app/website depending on the information a user tells about oneself. For example, if you provide services for pets, don't send tips about dog training to the owners of cats. It's obvious, but it's very important!

4. Be trustworthy If you collect any personal data of your users, you need to save this information. Tell your users that you'd never give their emails to any other organization or that you use encryption for all the activities in an app. But always tell the truth! If you can't guarantee confidentiality, better don't mention it at all.

5. Use progress-bar Progress-bar is a magic thing that really motivates users to finish registration or onboarding.

6. Offer authorization through Social Media networks Sometimes users aren't motivated enough to complete a long registration process, but it is easy for them to authorize through their accounts in Social Media networks. By giving people this opportunity, you increase the quantity of registrated users!

7. Finish with a strong CTA At the end of the registration people need to understand what to do next. That's why you need a CTA. This is a final point of onboarding which gets it to a logical end.

Improve your onboarding and get more interested clients with our recommendations.


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