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How to sell correctly: 3 simple advice

A final aim of every website and landing is to sell a product or a service. But not all sites do this equally well. We are ready to give you 3 simple advice of how to make your web resource sell a lot.

Do not scream about your product Yes, you do need to sell it. But nobody loves obtrusiveness. Be calm and self-assured in your texts. Be polite and start a nice dialog with a user.

Don't be egoistic Don't concentrate too much on yourself, your company or even your product. The landing is not for you, but for your customers, right? So concentrate on them and their problems which you can help them solve.

Don't skip steps in a sales funnel Most people need to get some information about your product before converting into leads or customers. So don't be surprized if nobody pushes "Buy" button placed on the first page where there is no detailed info. Give your visitors time to get acquainted with you and your goods.


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