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5 secret tips for making perfect ad slider

Need to create an ad? But how to make people notice and like it? Here are our secret tips to help you solve this problem:

1. Picture to the left, text to the right. Why is that? Because our brain percieves pictures with the rigth hemisphere, and visual information is perceived as in a mirror. So if the picture is on the left, it is easier for the brain to recoglize it.

2. Place interesting and unusual faces on pictures.

It takes people longer to recognize complex emotions, and they will spend more time looking at an unusual expression than on a smile. Take Mona Lisa! Thousands of people spend hours looking at it!

3. Less advertising.

Are you surprized? The thing is that people are surronded by different types of ads 24/7. And if you don't want to get lost in this informational garbage, try not to be too intrusive: include useful content in your ads, or make them look funny to give people positive emotions.

4. Use rounded corners.

This one is easy: our subconscious percieves sharp corners as dangerous and tells us to avoid them. So, by using rounded corners you won't frighten off your customers.

5. Keep people`s attention for not less than 1.5 sec.

This is an exact minimum quantity of time needed to remember a brand. So if people look at your ads for less than a second, they will never remember it.


Use these tips and create effective ads!

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