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Accordion menu. Pros and cons

So, what are pros and cons of an accordeon menu?

Let's start with what accordeon menu actually is. Its a type of menu when main categories are hidden in an pull-down menu and sub-categories unfold when you push at one of the main categories.

Pros: 1. Low cost of interaction. A person can get access to any page of a website from any page. 2. It supports all user paths on a website, not only typical ones. 3. There is only a small chance that people can get confused while using this menu.

Cons: This type of menu is only suitable if you have no more than 6 sub-categories in every category. Otherwise, sub-menu will make a main menu too long and inconvenient to read. So if your menu is bigger than that, you should pay attention to other menu types, about which we'll write tomorrow.

By the way, if you have a Wix site and you want to create good handy menu, use Impressive site menu. This plugin has lots of mervelous presets and at the same moment is fully customizable.


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