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4 instruments for creating perfect media for ads

If you use SMM in your marketing strategy, you often need to create catchy pictures and videos for your ads.

Today we'll share with you 4 instruments that can facilitate it for you and make your campaigns much more effective!

This is an instrument for designing visual and promotional products. It has a simple interface and gives access to many designing tools like presets, stock photos, buttons and forms. You can even create animated banners here! There also are special presets for Instagram.

CANVA – is a free designing tool for creating visuals for social media and blog posts. You'll find presets for every social media, and they'll already have perfect proportions. All you need is to choose a template that you like and adjust it to your individual needs.

One more great instrument for marketers. You can use it to create photo- and video banners in just a few minutes. Besides, you can design your ads from a mobile device, as they have 3 apps available for iOS: Spark Page for web pages, Spark Post for photo banners and Spark Video for video banners.

StoriesAds - an online instrument for creating Instagram Stories ads and beautiful vertical videos. It offers several templates that you can work with, so you don't have to create a video from scratch.

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