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5 rules of an effective pop-up

Many people use "before-you-go" pop-ups on their websites in order to increase conversion and get more leads. But not all of those pop-ups work well. If you use these features too, you might be willing to check whether you follow the rules of an effective pop-up.

Rule #1: 1 pop-up — 1 offer Don't try to convince visitors to leave their emails by promising them an e-book, a discount, an invitation on a closed party and something else all at once. Make A/B tests, find out what offer converts better than the others and use it. One targeted offer works better than 5 bad ones.

Rule #2: Be simple People must not think about what you offer them. They must want it. Don't describe your offer with sophisticated words and don't overload your visitors with information. Just say that you're good and useful, and why.

Rule #3: Offer something valuable If you offer your visitors to "subscribe to your newsletter" - explain, why this newsletter is valuable and interesting to them. Every housewife would be happy to get simple and tasty recipes every week, and every businessmen would benefit from reading about the latest financial news. State a profit for users to turn them into leads.

Rule #4: Be clear When offering a user an e-book or a free lesson in exchange to one`s email, be sure that it Is clear for this user, what this book or a lesson is about. People will leave their emails only if they see a profit for themselves. You need to show them this profit and make sure they saw it.

Rule#5: Choose the right time You may have a well-designed pop-up with a valuable lead-magnet, but if this pop-up shows up a second after a user came to a site, it won't work. Before leaving an email, every user needs to get acquainted with your product. This is what your landing is about! And only after giving some overall information about your goods, you can offer visitors to leave their emails and stay in touch.

If used correctly, pop-ups can be a very effective marketing instrument bringing lots of valuable leads. Work on your pop-ups with our advice!

By the way, pop-up can look not only like a big page-sized picture. You can use a bar at the bottom of a page as a pop-up too!


For example, Impressive Welcome bar. You can write any message to your customers: greet them at your site, promote sales, collect emails, set time of appearance and anything else.

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