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2 CTA buttons — madness or effectiveness?

You've all heard about one-aim rule in Landing Page design which means that the landing should only lead potential customers to one target action. But nowadays we start to se more and more often that famous brands place 2 CTA buttons on their pages. Why would they do that?

The thing is that those buttons are intended to fit to the needs of customers on different stages of purchase. Some people are ready to order your goods or use your service right here and now but the others need to find out more about it first.

This example made with Impressive Text Slider plugin. See it in action.

So there are 2 buttons: one dominating button which is bright and stands out, and the other one, which is usually only contoured.

This way you can satisfy needs of different groups of customers and improve user experience.

See example of Impressive Text Slider with 2 CTA buttons here


See how to create a button with Impressive Text Slider

Impressive Text Slider

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