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An update of Impressive Slideshow

More cool functions and features!

Hey! We've prepared something great for you: an update one of your favourite and the most beautiful plugin "Impressive Slideshow"!

We added some supercool functions:

  • Animation for both slides and captions: make your pictures and the text on them appear and disappear the way you like!

  • Slide shuffle: an easy way to organise your slides.

  • Especially for perfectionists: grids and rulers for precise placement!

  • Layers: create as much of them as you need and organise them.

  • Crop image: show only the things that matter!

  • Image captions: add little elements to your slides to make them even more beautiful!

  • Overlay — cover your pictures with shades of any color.

  • Expand mode: one click and your picture is shown full-size!

  • Link: redirect visitors to different pages when they click on a slide.

  • Templates: save your time by using well-known combinations!


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