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Pop-ups and their effectiveness

Pop-ups are used almost on every website. But some of them have conversion about 10% while the others hardly can reach 1%. The difference is only in a skill of using this instrument.

Today you will find out how to make pop-ups really useful for your business.

1. Make context pop-ups.

A context pop-up is the one which complies with the content of the page where a user is at the moment. The proposal in the pop-up must be a pert of the message and bring the reader an additional benefit. This can increase the number of clicks up to three times.

2. Show the pop-up after some time since a user opened the page.

Yes, this is not a 100% option (as there are examples when pop-ups opening right after getting to the page were extremely effective). But if your pop-up is not one of these, then follow this advice.

The point is to give a user time to research the site, see his value. When he sees something useful on the site, it is much more probable that he will leave his email. The interval between entering the page and appearing of the pop-up must be about 15-30 seconds.

3. Create unusual, "live" pop-ups. Try to sound casual while making up headers and texts for your pop-ups. Use slang, funny pictures – sound like a live person talking directly to the visitor! Play with your audience, grab their attention and they will pay you back.

If you still don't want to use a pop-up on your site but have some message (like a new release or a link to the social media) you would like to deliver to your audience – use Impressive Welcome bar! It works just like a pop-up but does not cover all picture and you can choose its size yourself. Try it out right now.


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