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Perfect lead form

Perfect lead form

What does a perfect lead form look like? How to make your lead form attractive for users? Today we'll answer all these questions

Here is what you need to know. A perfect lead form...

1. ...Is short

No one will ever fill a form with 20 fields. Remove all lines that you don't really need (like adress, age etc), and leave only fields for essential information like user`s name and email.

2. ...Has one column

If you still have many fields to fill, at least place them in one column, not in two or three. This way it seems less to fill in and a user will more likely complete your form.

3. ...Points out mistakes clearly

Almost everybody makes mistakes when filling in a form on a website. Your task is to point them out clearly but carefully. Your messages about mistakes must sound like you're talking to your friend. Think of something funny and unusual! Don't blame a user for mistakes and show one how to fix them.

4. ...Has built-in form validation

Built-in validation shows mistakes in a form (if there are any) right after filling in a field, not after a user pushes "send". It affects user experience very well and helps to minimize negative emotions from making a mistake.

5. ...Ranges fields from simple to complicated

When a person has made one little step in one direction, one will more likely complete one`s activity. Same works with lead forms. Begin your form with simple fields like "name" and then go to more complicated ones.

6. ...Eases data input

Enable all possible functions like autofill, copypast, hints etc. to make filling more comfortable for users.

7. ...Points obligatory fields

Decide what information of a user you really can't live without and make the fields collecting it obligatory. All the rest leave at user`s will.

When a person has made one little step in one direction, one will more likely complete one`s activity.

8. ...Doesn't emphasize discount field

If you offer discounts to your users and need to include a field for a discount code, make this field as inconspicuous as possible. Not because you don't want to give discounts. But because people who don't have a discount code get sad when seeing a field for it. Sometimes they even go to Google to look for this code and leave their cart unpaid. You don't want your customers to leave like that, do you?

9. ...Has no "clean field" button

No user will ever clean a field one was filling in. If a visitor loses interest – one will simply leave your landing.

10. ...Highlites a field that's being filled in

It is very comfortable for users when they can clearly see what field they are filling in, so they won't get lost and forget anything.


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