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Agile-marketing: 7 main principals

Agile marketing is a strategy based on an ability to change and react to trends in order to increase marketing effectiveness. Unlike classical marketing strategies, which are focused on detailed long-term planning, agile is focused on short-term aims, which, at the same moment, don't cancel setting big goals for the long run.

Agile marketing has 7 main principals, and here they are:

  1. Analytics instead of opinions and stereotypes.

  2. Cooperation based on client`s needs instead of hierarchy.

  3. Adoptive and iterative campaigns instead of complex and complicated ones.

  4. Client studies instead of static forecasting.

  5. Flexible planning instead of rigid one.

  6. Reacting to the changes instead of following the plan.

  7. A lot of small experiments instead of a big one.

With these principals you can upgrade your marketing strategy and gain all benefits of being agile.

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