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5 phrases you must give up in negotiations

When it comes to negotiations with clients or partners, sometimes we can accidentally use words and phrases that do not affect well on our image.

Here are 5 expressions which you need to avoid, if you care about the impression you make on your interlocutors.

I would be grateful if you could call me back. Politeness is a very good thing, but with a phrase like this you only show your uncertainty. There must be no option that a person doesn't call back.

Is it important? When the matter comes to signing papers and other bureaucratic issues, a seller can accidentally ask this question. But this is totally wrong. Such question would be a sign of incompetence and a lack of respect to a client.

I know, you are busy... So what? Everybody is busy. Your clients are too, but it only means that your letters should be shorter and more focused on the main point.

I'm not an expert, but... Then become an expert! If you want others to listen to your opinion, there must be reasons for it.

Jargons and too complicated words. Do not try to increase your authority by using complex words, and also don't treat your clients and partners as friends. You need to always keep the balance and be careful about how you speak.

Now you know how to make a good impression during negotiations!


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