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Buyer psychology: dual process theory

Buyer psychology: dual process theory

How do people make their decisions about a purchase? There are plenty theories trying to explain this process. One of them was created by Daniel Kahneman – it's called Dual process theory.

The main idea of this theory is that every person processes incoming information through 2 systems: System 1 and System 2.

System 1 is an emotional, automatic reaction to the information.

It consists of stereotypical models of reaction and is used for immediate salvation of problems, hasty decisions, subconscious reactions.

System 2 is a slower process which engages conscious reflection.

It can evaluate conclusions made by System 1 and evaluate them. System 2 is used for more targeted and complex tasks. All operations of System 2 require focused attention, and when attention is lost – they come to an end.

Also it is important to know that System 1 is usually used to make decisions about present, and System 2 is responsible for the decisions affecting future.


Tomorrow we'll tell you more specifically about using the principals of this theory in web design. Subscribe to our page and stay tuned!

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