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Becoming a copywriting guru: 10 steps to the perfect texts. Pt.2

6. Write like your idol Do you have a favorite writer? Try to copy one`s writing style. Not texts (that would be plagiarism) but the way one writes them. This could bring a little of professionalism into your content and make it look more attractive.

7. Use lists Lists are a very popular and effective way of presenting information. It has been proven that text divided into points converted better than the ones divided into simple paragraphs. Lists help to scan the text and make it easier to read.

8. Edit, edit, edit! There is no good text without a good editing. You can start with crossing out extra words and shortening long sentences, and then check your text on good syntax by spelling it aloud. If you hear that something is wrong, clumsy or unclear - you need to edit it.

There is no good text without a good editing.

9. Learn about your topic Most texts in the internet are either plagiarism or rewriting of another articles. If you want to stand out - you need to go deeper into your topic, research it on your own and present in your articles reals statistics and links to your resources. This is the way you'll look professional.

10. Find a good editor Every good writer needs an editor. If you want to improve your content-marketing strategy or to create a good text for a landing, only with a good editor you can be sure you're doing it right.

Good texts come after good practice. Write, edit and work on your style – and eventually you'll find yourself finishing a perfect text.


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