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Becoming a copywriting guru: 10 steps to the perfect texts. Pt.1

Copywriting is one of the foundations of good usability and conversion. Text is everywhere on a site: from headers to contacts. And it is your task to make this text attractive and interesting.

Here are 10 steps which will bring you to a new copywriting level:

1. Write for your friend (wife/husband/cat) This means that when writing a text, imagine that you're writing it for one single person and you need to interest one. How would you say the same information if you were talking to this person in real life? Try to make your text as close to talking as possible.

Work in a group.

2. Study the basics No, you don't have to become a linguist. But you do need to have some understanding of literacy and style. Read good books and work on your own writing technique. And don't forget to watch your spelling!

3. Work in a group When you work together with someone, you can have a very useful feedback with a different point of view on your texts. Other people can help you to notice mistakes you'd never think about!

4. Learn to write good headers A header is 80% of text success. If a header didn't catch one`s eye, a text won't be read at all.

5. Be short People don't like to read long paragraphs. They look repulsively and scary.Try to divide your text to short parts with interesting stories and intrigues.

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