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6 tips on improving email marketing

Email marketing can be a constant source of leads and sales. But only in case you use it with understanding and skill. Here are some tips on how you can improve results of your email marketing.

1. Make your clients feel special. Everyone wants to be special. People like to own unique things, because it makes them stand out of a crowd. To increase value of your goods you can include in your emails words and phrases emphasizing the specialty of your product. You can also invite your subscribers to join a closed community with special discounts for members, or offer goner special conditions to those who's been your customer for some period of time.

2. Think of the first and the last elements of your letter... ...As they are the most memorable. Make sure that all important information is in the beginning of the letter. The topic of the letter must represent the main aspects. If you're writing a long text – add post scriptum.

3. Pay attention to colors and tints. Colors have a great effect on humans` psychology. Every tint has its own subtext and is associated with a definite emotion. I.e. blue means tranquility, love and loyalty, while red means energy, power and strength. You can find a lot of tables with colors and their meaning on the internet. In your newsletter make sure that a background color and fonts correspond with your message. Also think whether the colors of your email fit your brand. CTA button must be in contrast with a background.

Make your clients feel special.

4. Make your subscribers curious. Curiosity appears when there is a gap between what we know and what we want to know. This gap stimulates us to learn. Use this while making up a topic of your letter: people who see it must become curious about what's inside. In a topic of an email give people a hint of what awaits them when they open it. Also mention what valuable information a user will get in your letter.

5. Use repeated syllables. When a text is rhymed or has repeated syllables, it is more easily perceived. Look at the example of iPhone: "The thinnest, lightest, fastest iPhone ever". Syllable "est" is repeated many times, and this is what makes this slogan memorable.

6. Use social proof. When people don't know what to do, they look at what others do and do the same. You can easily use it to convince your subscribers to buy your product. Add testimonials to your emails, use user-generated content (i.e. photos of your customers), select the most popular products and services and make a special offer out of them.

With these advice your emails will become much more effective. Try them and write us how it worked!


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