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7 reasons why your website isn't effective

Have you ever faced a problem of low conversion level on your site? Or have you noticed that your clients don't really like using it and prefer to call you or to come to your office?

Maybe, your website has one or several of these pitfalls?

1. You don't know your Target audience On your site there must only be the information which is interesting and actual for your potential customers. You need to clearly realize who you're selling to: how old these people are? Are they men or women? What are their interests? Why did they come to your shop and what do they want to achieve with your product? See more about determining target audience here:,

2. Your website works slowly How long does it take your site and its every page to load? If more than 3 seconds, users will probably leave soon. At the end, there are so many other resources where they can find needed information!

3. Your site is outdated And we're talking not only about information presented on it, we're talking about modern design solutions, UX optimization etc. Users must feel comfortable on your site – this is the only way it can convert well.

4. No content Unique content on a website is one of the key elements of sales. At first, it helps your site to be ranged higher in the search engines. Secondly, it helps you to show your customers that you are an expert in your area. And thirdly, with the help of content you may deal with doubts and objections of your clients. All this leads you to higher conversion level and more sales!

5. Your site doesn't fit to demands of users Let's say, a person wants to buy a new laptop, but gets to a website, which sells spare parts for laptops. Make sure that you have only relevant content on your website and that your advertisements are targeted to the right audience.

6. No mobile version We've said thousand times that the world is going mobile. Lots of people change their desktops to smartphones and if you want to reach them, you need to conform.

7. No info about the company, its products and contacts People may not buy from your site also because thay can't find this important information. When a person is interested in your poduct, one wants to find out more about your company, your experience, and certainly – to be able to contact you. So make sure you have all ways a user can reach you presented on your site!


can help you to create perfect design for your site.

Just follow the link and see what you can do!

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