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Categorical Landings. Pros and cons

Categorical Landing is when pushing on a category, you get to a separate landing with all sub-categories of this category.


1. This menu type can include as many sub-categories, as you like. So if you have really lot of them – categorical landings are for you. 2. You can even include sub-categories of 3rd and 4th levels.


1. A very high price of interaction when a user wants to change a section.

2. Longer loading.

3. Confusing navigation.

So, categorical landings are even less flexible than a categorical menus, but on the other hand they are able to present a very big massive of information.

Now we've told you about all sub-menu types you can use on your website. At first, decide, how many sub-categories in every category you need; then think about whether a user will stay in one section of your site or visit several of them; and make a choice of what menu type will suit you best.


Impressive Site Menu plugin can help you solve many problems with menus. Lots of beautiful presets, full customization and ease of use are waiting for you right here.

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