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Influence marketing

Researches show that 9 people out of 10 make final decisions about their purchases basing on advice from their friends and relatives. Also 70% of internet users trust testimonials.

What does it mean to you? It means that you can increase your sales if you use influence marketing.

influence marketing is a type of marketing where you cooperate with opinion leaders in your area to promote your product.

Opinion leaders usually are:

  • Bloggers

  • Famous artists

  • Politicians

  • Other public figures

So, how do you choose an influencer for your marketing campaign?

1. Find your target audience If you run a barbershop in a small town in Luisiana, your target audience would obviously be men and women from this town, and there would be no point in buying promotion from a Texas blogger. Be careful and precise while determining whether this or that blogger has your target audience among one`s subscribers.

2. Look at the quality of subscribers Quantity of subscribers is not the best marker of blogger`s effectiveness. Look at the quantity of likes and comments under one`s posts. A good blogger has a high level of interaction with one`s audience.

3. Check among your own customers No one will tell about your product better than people who have already bought it. Ask your customers to write testimonials in their accounts, no matter how many subscribers they have. Honest opinions and advice will attract lots of new people.

4. Find a blogger who share your values Influence marketing always works best when an influencer really likes your product. Because if a blogger likes it – one`s audience will probably like it too, and these people will become your loyal clients.

5. Use special platforms There are several platforms which can help you to find a blogger you need: Buzzoole, Speakr, HYPR. This will save your time and automate a process of the search.


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