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Building loyalty

Attracting a new customer is 5 times more expensive than keeping one. That's why loyalty of the customers is one of the most important actives of every company.

There are 4 main principals on which loyalty is built. Read them and see whether you can pretend to it:

1. An IDEA behind the brand When working on building loyalty, you must remember, that your customers are not just lines and numbers in an excel file — they're real people, who want to be cared of and who want to belong somewhere. If your brand carries a bigger idea and is able to put together lots of people under its slogan — then you may say that you succeed in this point. Let's take a look at TOMS shoes: their business model is «The One For One», which means that every time you buy a pair of their shoes, the same pair goes to a poor country to those who need it. Who can resist this idea?

2. Personalization Face to face interaction with customers is one of the keys to loyalty. But what if your business is international or online, and you have no opportunity to meet every client in person?

Then you must think of a way to make them feel like they've been addressed directly. Create nominal gift cards and send them with every order. Design a unique package, send a customer a birthday gift. The most important is to genuinely care about your clients — and they will pay you back with their loyalty.

Loyalty of the customers is one of the most important actives of every company.

3. Labels Why do people buy iPhones? Why not buy a smartphone of another brand with almost the same functions and save a lot of money? Because iPhone is not just a phone. It is a label of creativity, innovations and cleverness.

Whatever people may say, they like being labeled (when the labels are good). And many companies use it in their marketing. For instance, Volvo. Who doesn't want to be a "Smart Volvo owner"? This label "Smart" brings the brand thousands additional sales every year. And what label does your product put on your clients? Do they really want to have this label?

Clearly explain your advantages and the profits for a client.

4. Simplicity 81% of consumers don't like it when a company complicates an interaction with them. To ease a customer journey is one of the main tasks for every project team. Don't try to impress your potential clients by using complicated words and entangled offers. Even in B2B try to be as simple as you can! Clearly explain your advantages and the profits for a client.

Follow these 4 principals to build loyalty among your customers. And don't forget — the real care is the key!


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