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Scarcity for increasing conversion.

Scarcity for increasing conversion.

Scarcity is one of the main factors stimulating people to make decisions here and now. It's used very actively in marketing.

Now we will tell you which types of scarcity there are, so you could use them on your site to increase conversion:

1. Countdown. 2. Time limit after which the price rises. 3. Delivery on the next day if ordering right now. 4. Seasonal offers. 5. Limited quantity of goods in stock. 6. Limited (or exclusive) edition. 7. Social proof (information about other users` activities). 8. Numbers which show your popularity (like Facebook likes or shares). 9. Pop-ups about actions of other users in realtime.

Seasonal offers.

Try to use them on your site. They will help you make more sales and communicate with your clients!


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