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Why do people trust companies and brands?

Why do people trust companies and brands?

What makes them believe one seller and avoid another one? Let's take a look.

There are several features that differ trusted companies from those who can't establish good relationships with clients:

1. Focusing on the goods. Big brands put their products on the first place. Website design, marketing campaigns and all that stuff goes far behind. Your site can be beautiful and well-designed, but you should remember that the most important thing here is your product. Develop your product first!

2. Putting a phone number to the visible place. Yes, every good company has its contact details in a place that is always visible to clients. You'd better follow this example. Write your number somewhere it can't be lost. Two numbers – better. And email. And Telegram or Whatt's app. Even ICQ if you still remember what it is. People need to see that you are open for the contact and you're not hiding from them.

3. Adding customers` reviews. It is very important that new visitors can see that there have already been people pleased by a product of a company. All bug brands use a lot of social proof. You can do the same: ask your clients to leave reviews of photos of them using your goods.

Providing different payment methods.

4. Providing different payment methods. If customers can choose how to pay – by credit card, by cash, through PayPal or any other way – at first it makes it more comfortable for them to make a purchase. And secondly it increases their trust level as they see that you are real company working with different payment systems.

5. Communicating with clients. Fast and helpful communication is one of key elements of trust. Look at professional websites: almost everywhere you'll see a 1-click call button. Because this is convenient for customers! To make sure your site doesn't scare away clients, ask visitors to leave reviews of your site usability. Always answer emails.

Be there for your clients and they will stay with you for a long time!


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