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10 tips for a perfect text

10 tips for a perfect text

We always need to tell our visitors so much... And we usually do it with the help of a text.

But how to make texts on your site look attractive and readable?

1. Use optimal font size for a text – 14-16 px; 2. Choose sans-serif fonts (they are perceived better than serif); 3. Divide your text into paragraphs; 4. Make your text move (use Impressive Text Slider); 5. Highlight Headers and Subheaders using Bold fonts, bigger font size or a different color; 6. Write short paragraphs (4-5 lines is quite enough); 7. Highlight important words in a texts using Bold or Italic; 8. Format your text to look like a list or a table if possible; 9. Add smiles when writing something funny;

10. Add pictures. Everybody loves pictures.

Impressive Text Slider

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