5 mistakes you’ve made in content marketing

You've created a site, blog or community in some social media. You post interesting (at least you think so) content. But why there are no likes and shares? Why don`t people react?

If these questions sound familiar, you may be making some of 5 main content marketing mistakes:

1. Irrelevant content

Like when you post pictures of cats while your audience is a dog-fan community. Be sure to clearly know your target audience and its interests before writing posts.

2. Incompetence

Always check any information before posting it. In communities with very specific fields of interests you also must be very careful about terminology because people there are usually very competent and won't trust you if you call a "panther" a "cat" for instance.

3. Too frequent posting

Even if you write good articles and your audience likes it, there is no need to make posts every 20 minutes! Vice vesra, sometimes it's better when people wait for your post.

Be sure to clearly know your target audience and its interests before writing posts.

4. Non-unique content

Your readers may be subscribed to the other blogs and communities in your field and when they start to see similar posts several times, they start to unsubscribe. So be unique! Look for the new ways to present information and your people will stay with you.

5. No monitoring

Some of your posts work better, some worse. It is essential to understand why exactly one post is popular and the other is not just to know what topics, pictures or even words you should exclude from your content not to annoy your readers. Create an excel table and fill it with post statistics.

Good marketing begins with a good site, create one with Wix and Light-Tech!

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